Storyteller, Problem Solver, Adventurer, Wordsmith, & Part-time Philosopher.
Complex simplicity has always appealed to me. The better the design in a story, a product, a layout, an argument, a travel plan, or anything we construct, the more familiar and less complicated it appears. That is the mark of honed craftsmanship—artistry, you might say. 
When it comes to work, what I ultimately want is not just results or a superficial connection with an audience (or stakeholders). Rather, I start by seeking a solid foundation drawn from both form and function, the seamless union of technique, analysis, strategy, sophistication, and exigency. It has to matter as much as it appeals and moves. In the end, though, it should seem obvious and effortless.
This concept of dynamic creative investment drives large and small projects alike. The more ingenuity and personal appeal imbued into design on the front end, the more lasting the outcome tends to be. It also means the product is more likely to perform as expected.
For learning strategies, that means knowing how to craft lasting recall, which requires experientially rooted cognitive development. In short, it means knowing how memory works to make the learning process less laborious and more relevant. We learn best when we are not aware that it is work. That is why storytelling is so effective.
I am an ATD certified Master Instructional Designer experienced in curriculum development, eLearning, adult learning theory, team and program management, and organizational solutions. 
Whatever your vision, I want to help you find the most impactful way to realize it. Let me create something beautiful, memorable, powerful—something that speaks for you.

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